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Throughout the novel “Frankenstein” there are hidden underlined themes, and blatant, obvious ones. One of those underlined themes is the ideal of a monstrosity. The monster present in the story was of course Frankenstein’s creation, though it could be argued that he was only a monster in the eyes of these around him. It could also be argued that the society present is what defines a monster. If the monster was indeed just that, a monster, then would its creator not also be defined as a monster? Many interesting thoughts can sprout around themes, and that is exactly what they are there for. To go along with the thought of Frankenstein being the true monster in the story, it brings up the theme revolved around scientific advancement and Frankenstein’s pursuit for knowledge, and invention. The theme makes the advancement of knowledge into something somewhat dangerous, and to be avoided. The idea of creating life was of course crazy for the time that the story was written, and even now.

She would also bring up loss and abortion that was so very present in her life. Having had many abortions herself it was no surprise that it would come up in the story, things highly influential to a person will come up in their everyday life, and this is especially true with authors. The idea of the abortion comes up when Frankenstein’s monster would evaluate himself. Calling him-self something to be aborted, something so ugly it should be beat, and kicked. This would continue with Frankenstein’s own views of his creation, he would call it something “Thoughtlessly made”, even he himself, that created the monster was disgusted with it.

Throughout the text there are many different view-points and forms of storytelling. Mary Shelley would skip from person to person changing perspective and style. Mary would also change the format in which the story would progress, as it was progressing. The story telling changed from letters written, to dialogue, to first, and third prospective. Though this would make the story over all a little difficult to read and understand this style would be present throughout the novel. When you do grow to understand and appreciate the style, the true masterpiece comes out.

Lastly, two of the more important and present themes are that of revenge and obsession. Frankenstein’s feeling toward his creation is a great example of both of these themes. His need for revenge of the death of his loved ones would lead him to feel a great need for revenge towards his creation; this would lead to an obsession for revenge. This obsession would lead Frankenstein to his demise.



The story would take place mainly in Europe. The reach of the novel would span to throughout Europe though, ranging from Russia, Italy, and Switzerland.



Frankenstein could easily be categorized as many things, in the genre sense. The most fitting genres would most definitely be that of gothic, and horror. The reason for writing this story after all was as a competition to see who could write the best horror story amongst her step mother and friends.

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