Real Life Connections

Young Frankenstein 3

Mary Shelley’s life around the time of writing Frankenstein was not the most pleasant time in her life, though not much of it was pleasant at all. This could quite easily correlate to the writing style and themes that were present in the writing itself. Frankenstein was filled with loss, this was right around the time of one of many miscarriages Mary would face in her life. While writing the story she would also face the suicide of her half-sister Fanny, and her soon to be husband’s wife. It should come as no surprise that the style of writing that takes place in this novel would be something a bit dark and depressing, and that is exactly what it is.

Some believe that the central theme of Frankenstein, monstrosity, was decided because of the ideals of a monstrosity being thrown around during the French Revolution, Which was taking place at around the same time. There is also the connection of the “Romantic Vegetarians” that was brought up by Carol J. Adams. The idea was that these people, Mary Shelley’s husband Percy being one of them, were trying to expand this moral circle that we humans have to include animals. The idea was to treat them with more respect like we would with that of a person. The connection being that Frankenstein’s monster was a vegetarian. What this was meant to do was show that even something that we categorize as a monster struggles with the morality surrounding killing and eating other living things. So even if a monster sees a problem with it, we should definitely do the same. This being one of those underlined themes hidden throughout the story.

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