Elizabeth Nambo

While putting this research blog together I grew a large understanding for the inspiration behind Mary Shelley’s writing of the story Frankenstein. Though it almost makes me feel terrible calling it that. The inspiration behind it being her life’s personal experiences, experiences like incredible loss and abortion. The saddest part probably being that the losses she had at the time of her writing and publishing this story would only be the beginning to the very many tragedies she would see in her life.

The reason behind me choosing this novel was simply the fact that I find the writing in Frankenstein to be something of a masterpiece, if not very close to one. I have a great understanding for why it turns many people off, that of course being the writing style and time difference. It can be difficult to understand, but when you do see it in its entirety it is really something quite amazing. The thought that went into something that started off just as something of a competition amongst is inspiring. Mary Shelley put her life into her work and it shows. To read a couple pages knowing there were so many secrets and meaning in each of them showed how much this “horrid protégée” meant to her.

This style of research really allowed me to take understanding and drafting everything one step at a time. It helped the whole idea of research become a little less stressful and intimidating to do. I really appreciate this form of research over the very unapproachable counterparts.


Andrene Hughes

During the research for the blog I can without a doubt say that writing in this style really helps me to understand all the parts that go into a research paper. Taking it one step after another allowed me to focus all of my attention on a single goal, helping me stay on topic and in mind of what I was to do for each part in the research process.

I chose this particular story because I really enjoyed the style of writing that Mary Shelley took throughout the novel. Everything from its themes to the constant changing of setting and perspective I really enjoyed. I really enjoy gothic novels; it is really amazing to me when writing provokes emotions like Frankenstein does. The shivers, the horror, fear it is all really quite cool to experience through a different more modern medium like movies, and television. This was even more apparent when I was researching for the blog. I found so much criticism of the story, each with the critic having a different view and interpretation of the story. Reading the many different and diverse emotions provoked from each person was so very interesting. Seeing some people be bothered by the creation of life, while others disgust toward the creation of the body of the monster himself really exampled the diversity in emotion writing can provoke. This especially is so when a very capable author is at the helm.

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